Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wanna Hear Me Lose On National Radio?

On my way home from work tonight, I was, as usual, listening to the Mike O'Meara show. It's broadcast from 106.7 WJFK in the Washington, D.C. area. Until this year it had been The Don & Mike show, which I liked a lot. They always had interesting guests, celebrities, and bits to make you laugh. When Don's wife Freida died a few years ago, I was really heartbroken for Don. They were a couple that everyone who listened to the show knew belonged together. When Don left the show this year, his ending monologue was true as truth can be, and almost made me cry.

Since then, Mike's been doing it on his own with Robbie and Buzz. And all due respect to Don, Mike's show kicks the old show's ass. I'm enjoying it more than ever, with Buzz's Interrupted News Flashes, Beth Ann's schtick (and yes, Beth Ann, it's a schtick), the games Robbie so clevery crafts while hiding in the bathroom from his family (that's a joke--don't sue me), and Mike's mastery of working every person he talks to like the three card monte. Some days the drive home for me is almost dangerous because I'm laughing so hard.

In all the years I've listened to the show, I've never called for any reason. Today they played "the memory game," and I thought, "What the hell. I can do this."

I'm on a car phone. Let me just say in my defense that I was on a car phone and couldn't tell whether Mike said "think" or "stink."

I'm in at 3:16.


So they put me on hold hoping I can win because I'm the only one on hold so far, and I lose my signal. There was $100 at stake, people. I pull over at the nearest gas station, and call back to be put back on hold. So I tell that to Beth Ann (and I don't know how she hears anything in that booth because I could hardly hear her) and she puts me on hold. Remember, I think I'm back waiting to see if I won something.

And I ended up on the air again. I didn't want to play, I just thought I was supposed to be still holding.

I will soooo be playing this the next time. From a parked location.


John in IL said...

Awwww, the link didn't work.

Jamie said...

I'll fix it.

Jamie said...

Should be fixed. I'm going to figure out how to put a player in that will embed it.

John in IL said...

Yep. It works (after a short download). That's one tough game. And no, you don't sound like a big Mary. You won't be a radio star anytime soon (that Mike has a terrific radio voice), but your voice is quite nice (and with no accent).

Keith said...

Heh, I listen to that show a lot and it has gotten better than it was the last few years. But back 10 years ago or so the Don and Mike show was funny and raunchy. Bush's FCC ruined it with the stupid fines for saying anything risque. Is there ANYTHING decent in this world that the Bush administration doesn't ruin?

Jamie said...

The whole FCC decency thing gets under my skin because it's so damned random. You can say "asshole" on TV almost anywhere, but radio is somehow sacrosanct.