Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanna Really "Go Green?"

Stop drinking bottled water.

On its face, the bottled-water trade makes selling snow to Eskimos sound like a
reasonable business proposition: Tons of carbon dioxide is emitted into the
atmosphere each year to produce and transport a product thousands of miles from
Place A to Place B, when an identical product is already available in Place B in
a form that is typically much cheaper, rigorously tested and sometimes safer.
And afterward, millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills.

After all, you're paying more for that bottled water . . . than for gas.

The article also indicates that people are becoming water afficionados. You know, when I start marketing my "Highgate Springs Natural Vermont Water," (which comes from my well), I think I'll have to be sure it has that special "mouthfeel" that only water from the "Edge Of America (TM-pending)" can truly have.

Maybe I'll pee in it. You fools would still buy it.

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North Dallas Thirty said...

Not hardly. The only water I'll buy in bottles is Gerolsteiner. The rest, forget it; I don't pay as much in taxes as I do in San Francisco to not drink the tap water.