Friday, July 18, 2008


I don't care for catfish, but here's one more example of the supposedly nonexistent food crisis.

“It’s a dead business,” said John Dillard, who pioneered the commercial farming of catfish in the late 1960s. Last year Dillard & Company raised 11 million fish. Next year it will raise none. People can eat imported fish, Mr. Dillard said, just as they use imported oil. As for his 55 employees? “Those jobs are gone.”

Never you fear, however. I have found, via the LATimes, the solution to the food crisis:

WHAT a bargain.


QuakerJono said...

Meh, it's catfish. It's not a cat and only nominally a fish. Although there is something poetic about the notion of people feasting on a food source that essentially eats garbage.

And yes, I do realize mushrooms could also fall into that category, but I like mushrooms so back the hell off.

Jamie said...

There are a lot of scavengers that people like to eat. Lobster, for instance. No, I have no problem with that aspect.

Mushrooms, however, don't just eat garbage. They grow in shit. Nasty, nasty things. Norm isn't allowed to kiss me if he eats those vile things.

Tommy said...

Makes me hungry for catfish with a side of truffles. Mmm, mmm.