Monday, July 7, 2008

Me--In Cars

Well, not actually "in" cars, but here's how my life has progressed on the automobile front. My first car was a 1987 Chevy Cavalier--used, but bought with my own money.

Now, that's not exactly my car, since mine was blue and had a wee bit 'rust on it. But not bad for an 18 year old who wans to cruise . . . And this was 1991, so it wasn't all that old, either. . . Then came the heady rush of steady employement, and my next vehicle--my first "new" one--was:

A spanking new (4 miles on it) 1994 Nissan 4x4 pickup truck. I think they call it a Frontier, but to me it was my new 4x4. Ah, the memories. This is pretty much the exact truck I had--well, except this one's currently for sale in Texas, but still: lightening striped, the color was Emerald Black (not black green as they list it), which appeared black in the day, but green at night, and 4WD to make the mud just fly! *sigh* Then came bankruptcy at the ripe old age of 21 due to some unfortunate circumstances with my then-boss losing the business because he was a freakin' crackhead . . .and I ended up without a vehicle for a while. I downsized to one of these when they were about to repossess the pickup (heartache, I say . . .heartache!):

Oh, the horror! The horror! Well, it wasn't so bad, but losing my pickup still stings to this day. I went from a 1994 Plymouth Sundance identical to the one in the picture to another cavalier, to a Dodge Shadow (red) that looked almost identical to the Sundance, and which ended up being stolen, to a Ford God Help Me Please It's A Fucking Escort Sedan which I kept until it rusted out and I could afford a decent vehicle. Which was this:

I know, I know . . . "nice station wagon," as Keith once said to me. I have to tell you, at times I miss my Vue. It was a great utility vehicle, and I used its spaciousness quite a lot. Last year, however, I turned in my baby SUV in order to get better gas mileage--and this was (luckily) before the gas prices went through the roof. Now I drive this baby:

Well, pretty close. Mine's a bit spiffier, but I get about 31-32 mpg with mostly interstate highway driving, and I love the bells and whistles. The Onstar on board is a nice benefit, too.

So there it is--a history of me in cars. Do with it what you will.


Patrick said...

Any particular reason you only drive American cars?

North Dallas Thirty said...

Since when is a Nissan pickup American? ;)

I could say something, but choose not for two reasons:

1) My list is even worse

2) With the combination of Cavalier, Sundance, Cavalier again, Shadow, and Escort, it should be obvious that you've been punished enough. :)

Kevin said...

All my cars have been American. I too, drive an ION. I like it.

Jamie said...

With the combination of Cavalier, Sundance, Cavalier again, Shadow, and Escort, it should be obvious that you've been punished enough.

My sentiments exactly.

Patrick: They were affordable. It wasn't until I bought my first Saturn that I was making a conscious effort to buy vehicles made primarily in the U.S. I wanted a Saturn SC2 way back when, but couldn't afford it.

Kev: I like my Ion, too. And I rather liked my Vue as well. Still miss the damned pickup. The fun times I had in that thing. . .

Pat said...

I've been a licensed driver for 26 years, but only have had three cars:

1978 Dodge Aspen, 1988 Chevy Beretta, 1999 Chevy Malibu.

I'm holding out as long as I can before I get another car.

John in IL said...

I had a Nissan pickup just like that ('93, I think) with the king cab for midgets.