Wednesday, July 16, 2008


  • Andy Dick arrested for sexual battery and drug possession. And looking way too happy for a mug shot (photo credit: AP) Is it just me, or does he look like he just came from the Dark Knight premiere and wants to reprise Ledger's Joker role?
  • "This proves that we are normal," said the founder of the Liberty Gay Rodeo Association in May during the organization's event in a Philadelphia suburb. The sight of rugged cowboys and cowgirls, she said, dispels some sexual stereotypes that have plagued gays and lesbians. However, among the events (besides traditional steer riding and calf roping) was "goat dressing" (with pairs of contestants trying to put hot-pink underwear on an uncooperative goat in the shortest time, according to a Reuters report).
  • You can think it's hokey or trite if you like, but this is an example of why I respect Orrin Hatch. I don't agree with him on, well, practically anything, but the man has integrity few others in Congress are able to demonstrate.

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