Friday, August 29, 2008

Idiots in the News

Just some rampant random sampling of today's newsish items:

From USAToday comes news of Federal District Court judge Samuel Kent (no relation to Clark), who has been indicted on one count of attempted aggravated sexual abuse and two counts of abusive sexual contact.
"It's a classic case of a 'He said she said' — but everything that happened between them was enthusiastically consensual," the judge's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, tells The Houston Chronicle.
Truly, I swoon in disbelief that a man from Texas would have the attitude of "She Wanted It," which is exactly what "enthusiastically consensual" sounds like to me. Perhaps Judge Kent should've stayed at home and tried IE8 with its InPrivate browsing, otherwise known as PornMode. Then again, that might've put him over his bandwidth cap if he's using Comcast.

In the "redundant lede" category, we have this story:
Twelve decapitated bodies bearing signs of torture were found Thursday in eastern Mexico, authorities said, adding that they were still looking for the heads.

Is it just me, or does "decapitated" negate the need to say there were signs of torture?

And making me feel old today, Michael Jackson is 50. Scientists say by the time he's 70 he'll be completely translucent.

I'm far too tired for any in-depthy analysis of all this, but feel free to do so in the comments. And what story is pissing you off today?

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