Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Much as I hate to believe the rumormills, this interview set my gaydar a-pingin':

When asked if he's single, he responds, "Part of my life is kept to myself.
I'm able to relax and be with my friends. Those pretty much are the only people
who really know the answer to that question."

And really, come on . . . what straight guy is going to choose the actress to play his love interest in a movie based on her personality?

Devon also asks Phelps his pick to play his leading lady in a movie about his life. "Any actress you love?" Phelps says, "Cameron Diaz seems pretty cool. She seems like she has a cool personality. "

I won't bother to comment on his million dollar body with a welfare face. . .

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Patrick said...

He should use some of his money to get some of those damn teeth removed from that mouth and do something with that under bite. That would go a long way to improving that welfare face. I'd say he should get those ears pinned back, but I'm a sucker for big ears like that.