Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rednecks For Obama?

Memo to NDT and JohninIL:
Apparently, there's also a Southeast Whitetrashistan!
On Obama's official campaign Web site there's is a profile of a group called "Rednecks for Obama." Another post on the site lists a group called "Southside VA Rural Rednecks fer' Obama."

Visitors to the site are allowed to create groups, blog and make friends and list events, which creates ample opportunity for a robust social-networking environment. And it appears the rednecks are taking part.

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John in IL said...

Careful, there. "White trash" and "redneck" are two separate categories. You can be white trash without being a redneck and you can be a redneck without being white trash. And I'm no redneck. And the pool is down. Damn you ALGORE!