Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Ready 'Cause I'm Ready

Sorry, guys, but it's hard to believe she's not a blonde:

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Governor Palin, there has been quite a bit of discussion
about your perceived lack of foreign policy experience. And I want to give you your chance. If you could please respond to that criticism and give us specific skills that you think you have to bring to the White House to rebut that or mitigate that concern.
PALIN: Well, I think because I’m a Washington outsider that opponents are going to be looking for a whole lot of things that they can criticize and they can kind of try to beat the candidates here, who chose me as his partner, to kind of tear down the ticket. But as for foreign policy, you know, I think that I am prepared and I know that on January 20th, if we are so blessed as to be sworn into office as your president and vice president, certainly we’ll be ready. I’ll be ready. I have that confidence. I have that readiness.
And if you want specifics with specific policy or countries, go ahead and you can ask me. You can even play stump the candidate if you want to. But we are ready to serve.

Word of warning: if you can't respond to the complete idiocy of this without saying "Obama" then don't bother. I'm not supporting him, either.


QuakerJono said...

Meh, what can you expect from someone who doesn't mind being compared to a barracuda and a pit bull, but draws the line at heifer? The woman is dumber than a sack of hammers. Vote for whomever you like, but if you're "energized" by Palin, why don't we just cut to the heart of the matter and elect Traci Lords as President.

You know, actually, that's not a bad idea...

John said...

I think there's a segment of America that's very much like Robert Mugabe in pathology. They will continue to espouse the same absurd, ruinous ideas ad naseum. And they will continue to elect and appoint leaders based solely on whim.

They do this because they absolutely refuse to share authority with anyone else. And the lack of a rational grounding only feeds into their belief that they're still in control. Capriciousness is, after all, more seductive than logic because to impose one's will without reason is the boldest demonstration of uninhibited and raw power.

Sarah Palin's inexplicable rise is the ultimate expression of a very simple message from the so-called moral majority:

"We're still in charge of this country. We can elect whoever we damn well please, no matter how unqualifed. And there's nothing the rest of you losers can do about it."

Audrey B said...

Traci Lords '08: BOOBIES!

Anonymous said...

Well I just saw another interview on CNN just a few minutes ago where she was asked the same question, really. And she gave a non answer that sounded like "well Russian is on this side and Canada is on that side, ya know?" Jeez. And if we get an old geezer for prez and he kicks off, we get HER? NO NO NO