Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Knew Cheers Was Prescient?

As I piled firewood into the woodbox in the living room last night, I was half-listening to an episode of Cheers that was on TV. It was an episode that I don't remember seeing before: Woody Gets an Election. It was from 1993, the final season, and the dialogue was both fascinating and hilarious.

Frasier, bemoaning the sheeplike mentality of the American electorate, bets Sam that he could put Woody's name on the ballot and get ten percent of the vote. Frasier starts canvassing and puts up a few signs, getting Woody's name on the ballot. When the incumbent councilman gets pulled over for a DUI, Woody's chances start looking pretty good. Before a scheduled TV debate, Woody bemoans how he's not good with "rendering" his opinion and doesn't really know much about politics.

Frasier's advice is for Woody to just keep telling those farm stories because people seem to like those. And then Frasier said:
"And if that doesn't work, just say 'change' about a hundred

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My view of all things political is vindicated!