Friday, November 21, 2008


You can watch the video here.

Am I the only one left on this planet with common sense? I've seen people going to town on Sarah Palin today for her "Turkey Photo-Op," and I fail to see what the big deal is. I mean, she was there to pardon one, and only ONE, turkey, not all of them. In fact, she specifically says in the video that they're going to pick ONE of the "Big Toms."

I'm certain that no more than ten percent of the critics I'm hearing won't be eating turkey next Thursday, so who exactly is the hypocrite here again? She was at a Turkey Farm. They raise and slaughter turkeys. That's what they do.

Get a life people. Sometimes you city folk really can be dumb as all get out.


John said...

I can't believe I'd ever defend Sarah Palin either. But really Americans, stop with the "we love animals" pretend outrage. We're the world's #1 consumer of meat products. Our cattle ranches are so large that they actually cause significant amounts of air pollution.

Remember how California passed a constitutional amendment to protect chickens on the same night they banned same-sex marriage? I wonder how many of the great humanitarians in this insane asylum of a state went to McDonalds the next day and ordered chicken nuggets? I'm guessing it isn't a small number.

Anonymous said...

I'm am so sick of hearin about Palin I could puke. Enough already... tell the media to find new fodder...