Thursday, December 18, 2008

Toldya We Pay More Taxes

From WCAX:

According to the Tax Foundation, four counties in Vermont rank in the top
100 nationally for the highest median property tax bills. . .
And when measured as a percentage of household income Vermont does even
worse, with 10 counties in the top 100, led by Windham, Windsor, Lamoille and
Addison counties.


Patrick said...

To whom does your property tax go?

Jamie said...

Jesus, that was a quick comment. I posted then hit "view blog," and you already commented!

I pay my property taxes to the town, however the state used those figures in all sorts of convoluted equations (you should see our school budgeting system--it's ridiculous) and the money doesn't necessarily stay in the town.

Pat said...

I'm guessing all of New Jersey's 21 counties made the top 100 as well.

John in IL said...

Illinois beats you (and we have Blago).

Pat said...

Hah! We had McGreevey.