Friday, January 30, 2009

Love That Facebook!

*Note sarcasm.

Ah, the "Heterosexual Voice," not unlike "White Power": (h/t towleroad)

The thing that seemed to trigger the whole group forming around that same time,
in October, was straight kids were feeling like their ‘rights’ to call people fags were being infringed upon.”

Let's not forget the Facebook Killer: (h/t gawker)
Shortly before he went out that evening, he wrote on Facebook:

I'm twisted at home. My head's up my —--. I feel like killin some1 need to stay off the hard stuff ha —-- it it's Saturday ha

So he went out and killed someone. And he's not the first to do so.

Not that any of this is Facebook's fault. But I have little use for myspacefacebooketc, as they're about the most inane high-schoolish websites available. I don't even know my facebook account sign-in anymore.

**On a side note, Ashton Kutcher might want to be careful what he twitters. "I'm gonna kill my neighbor" just might be considered a threat.


Kevin said...

I prefer Facebook to MySpace. I didn't have much use for it until recently. Over the last few months I've found it a very convenient way to keep in touch with far flung family and friends. As a one stop social outlet? Not so much.

Kevin said...

As for Ashton, I thought THE ONE had inspired him to take a pledge to be more neighborly?

Wayne said...

Way to much junk on those sites. And who cares about people you knew 20 years ago and have never seen since.

Quakerjono said...

I read this story with great interest. I then promptly sent you an invitation to join Facebook specifically so you can friend me because, in the end sum, your opinion is less important than me padding my sense of self-worth.

Didja get that thing I sent ya?

Patrick said...

I recently found the guy I made out with when I was 17 (He was 22.) on facebook. He still looks good. Don't be such a spoil sport, Wayne.

Jamie said...

QJ-the only thing I received regarding facebook was from some fake-sounding woman. So, if that's you, it's been deleted. ;)