Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks for the Alert, AFA! Assholes.

From my email set up specifically to recieve this kind of crap from these jokers:
Obama acts quickly, lays out his abortion and gay agenda

One of his first moves pushes social issues to the top.

January 21, 2009

Dear Friend,

It didn't take long for President Barack Hussein Obama to move his social issues to the top of his to-do list. His agenda can be found here, taken directly from the White House home page.

This is only the beginning of Obama's plans to reshape society. His view is that unborn babies aren't worth protecting and that homosexuals deserve special rights.

Now, not later, is the time to let President Obama know that you oppose his efforts. People like you who oppose taking the life of the unborn and who oppose giving special rights to those who practice of perverted sex need to take action now!

It is time to ask your friends and family who have not been engaged to get involved. This is not the time to quit. It is a time to act! Our children and grandchildren are counting on us!

First of all, "practice" for perverted sex is called "masturbation," which, I know, is distasteful to you folks, but deal with it. After fifteen years together I think we're done practicing. And, once again, assuming that pro-gay means pro-abortion just shows how monochromatic your view of the world is.

Currently, the only "special rights" are those granted to heterosexual couples, who are able to receive preferential tax treatment at most state, and all federal, levels because of who you "choose" to have sex with.

Now that just sounds stupid, doesn't it? Now you know how we feel.

Currently, churches that would recognize gay marriage are prohibited from issuing legal documents to reflect said marriages. How would you feel if your church was unable to issue your marriage document to the state? Like your 1st amendment rights were being violated? Thought so.

Your assumption that there is a "choice" in homosexuality is flatly wrong. To tell us not to "act on our sins" is to tell us to live celibate lives, and that can only be based on your religious beliefs.

Your religion is not condoned by MY God. So keep your religion off my rights and I'll keep my dick out of your face. Deal?


John said...

These GOP drama queens are as lame as their lazy counterparts at GLAAD. They're angry over the fact that the president dared to mention the dirty sodomites on the sacred and holy White House website? That's the major scandal?

If Americans are so immature that they can't handle the word "gay" at, then our country is in more trouble than I thought. Obama hasn't even done anything yet. He merely pointed out in his laundry list of promises that, you know, homosexuals are human too. And he even has the gall to suggest that these deviants should be allowed to do what they please without getting a lot of harassment for it. How radical. How extreme. And, my God, what will we tell the children? Won't somebody think of the childtren?

If the intention of this letter was to remind us of how much we won't miss the Bush years, then I think AFA has succeeded spectacularly.

Pat said...

I guess the children and grandchildren that are "counting" on these nuts, are the straight ones. I'm sure these people want to be ensured that they can still lambaste and excoriate their own gay children still.

Your religion is not condoned by MY God.

Same with my God, Jamie. My God also thinks that people should use the brains He gave them, and not listen to the idiots at AFA, and other like minded organizations.