Monday, January 5, 2009

The Year The Blogs Died

Well, well. When it rains, it pours. The bloom is off the rose, all that's old is new again, and (insert cliche here). What am I talking about? The seeming trend, lately, for bloggers to either quit altogether or vow to redouble their efforts. Viva la trend:

  • Scott-O-Rama went defunct last year.
  • Longtime blog-pal Malcontent's blog has been down for a couple of months now, with no word or explanation from the boys.
  • Brian of In Repair has recently decided to forego blogging for now.
  • BoiFromTroy will no longer be blogging as of yesterday.

Why I bothered to include links, even I don't know. :)

The point is that what all of these had in common were their fairly unique viewpoints on life, each one defying, in one way or another, the mythic stereotypes of homosexuals. That individuality will be missed, at least for a time.

Of course, QJ, as one of his resolutions this year, has vowed to increase his readership. Ah, the lovable gay, cursing, quaker, never was he much for trends. I submit that the pageviews are there to be had--if he can take up the challenge. And stop swearing so damned much. ;)

Any other newly defunct blogs I should know about? And are there any other commonalities among these blogs that I'm missing?


John in IL said...

I was wondering about The Malcontent myself. I quit reading a while back because of technical difficulties.

Would FARB know what happened?

Kevin said...

I don't think bloggers moving on indicates the death of blogging. For every Scott-o-Rama (what sent him off on the moonbat tangent anyway? He got freaky paranoid there at the end.) or Boi From Troy there's a replacement waiting in the wings. Some people will see it as a long term way to communicate and others only for a period of time or a specific issue. Some of the people who quit may even come back, and who knows what the future of online communicating will be as things like blogs, Facebook, and twitter converge.

Tim said...

I hate this time of year, I've lost three blog friends, and for the most part with no other links to them. It's ridiculous to feel disappointed or anything like that but I admit sometimes I do.
Oh well Thanks for keeping up the post and filling my work day with something other than work.

John said...

Well at least we still have Kevin to stalk and of course make fun of because of his wacky Wednesday Hottie picks...

Jamie said...

Kevin: note that I didn't refer to the death of "blogging," but of several blogs. Hey, more fans for me, right?

HA! Yeah, right. *rolls eyes*

Jamie said...

I was wondering about The Malcontent myself. I quit reading a while back because of technical difficulties.

Would FARB know what happened?

I get the impression that Matt simply hasn't gotten around to fixing it and doesn't seem to care too much if he does fix it. Does the Malcotwitter still work? (No twitter at work, too slow at home, so I can't check).

Gabriel said...

Yeah, I finally gave up on Malcky. Saw Robbie the other day arguing with one of my cobloggers. I didn't think to ask him what was up.

Kevin said...

I asked Robbie recently and he had no idea what was going on either.

And I don't recall them passing a law that requires you to look at Wednesday's Hottie. Judging by what you don't like, I shudder to think what any of you consider hot. So send me a suggestion. If I can stomach your candidates deformities I'll post him. :-)

Jamie said...

Well, it's kinda like a car wreck on the highway--you don't want to look, you have to.