Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Quickies

Sacrilege! Clue, much like, well, any Tim Curry movie ever made, should NEVER be subjected to a remake. Can you imagine anyone else playing Tim's part in any of these movies:

The Hunt For Red October
Rocky Horror Picture Show

I mean, really. Some things simply aren't done! (h/t Popnography)

If you aren't mad about the government buying shares in banks and credit card companies, you should be, you proud soon-to-be new Citi shareholder, you.

Hooray for this storeowner, and boo for the DA charging him with assault for defending himself.

Now, from Sweden:

A student association in southern Sweden is on the lookout for a thief with a preference for extra large condoms after fifty commodious rubbers went missing on Monday night.

There has apparently been a groundswell of volunteers to perform the identification. :)

Hopefully the thief will be jailed in the same cell with this idiot, who turned the dryer on with his 1 year old son inside.

Hope you enjoyed the quickies. Have a weekend. :