Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quickies: 'Cause I'm Busy Edition

  • I think I've already found my brother's Christmas present for next year.
    (h/t Gay Guy/ Straight Guy)
  • This guy's an ass, but it helps if you imagine him speaking with the voice of the "other" Butters. I bet he knows how to eat with his butt, too.
  • Canada on UFO's:
    … it is difficult to reconcile this performance with the capabilities of our technology, and unless the technology of some terrestrial nation is much more advanced than is generally known, we are forced to the conclusion that the vehicles are probably extra-terrestrial, in spite of our prejudices to the contrary."
  • Have conspiracy theories and coverups jumped the shark yet?
  • Ricky Braddy got screwed. Hopefully he gets a wildcard slot. Hopefully Tatiana doesn't, that drama queen.
  • That Chinese woman who threw a louie in the airport? Yeah, can you imagine being on the "later flight to LA" that they managed to get her on?

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