Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin: Queerty's Menstruating

Queerty, that bastion of suckiness, has evidently become tired of my comments telling them they're worthless. Actually, I like Japhy's stuff pretty much, it's David Hauslaib who I like to tell off for his asenine, immature, pedantic, lowest-common-denominator postings.

Well, not only was my comment unceremoniously deleted this morning, but now, evidently, my comments are moderated and pending approval.

SO, first, I shall unceremoniously remove their link.

Now, I will put out a plea: Will someone PLEASE go fuck David Hauslaib. I know, I know, that's alot to ask, but take one for the team, will ya? Evidently he needs it, if he can't handle some witty criticism.

*kisses, bitches*