Thursday, June 18, 2009

VT Senate President Boycotts Dem Fundraiser

In a show of solidarity with the LGBT community, Vermont State Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Shumlin, who was to receive an award at the fundraising banquet, has decided not to go, accoding to GreenMountainDaily.

Shumlin's full letter:
Dear Andy,
Further our recent telephone conversation, I was looking forward to seeing
you next week in DC for the DNC event with Vice President Joe Biden, but
after learning how the Administration and the Department of Justice is
choosing to defend DOMA, I am writing to let you know that I am canceling my
participation in the upcoming event.

As an early and strong supporter of Barack Obama I am shocked and
disappointed at the level of insensitivity that the Department of Justice
has shown towards gay and lesbian couples and their families. By defending
DOMA and making reference to horribly inaccurate and deeply hurtful
stereotypes about gay and lesbian Americans, the Administration has chosen
discriminate against a minority group that we all have a responsibility to
be more courageous in defending. This action will only serve to sow the
seeds for further hatred and division against the only minority group left
in America that politicians can publicly discriminate against and see their
approval ratings rise. My disappointment in this has led me to the
regrettable decision not to be a participant in the DNC event.

I am proud Vermont made history in how we enacted marriage equality - not
through a court order but through legislative action. The tides of history,
love and justice came together in Vermont and I look forward to witnessing
this movement swell across the nation as all of America's citizens are
granted equal rights. It is my hope that the Obama Administration will
actively support what we did in Vermont - grant marriage equality to all
under the law - nothing more and nothing less.

Andy, I appreciate your hard work on behalf of the DNC and I make this
decision with regret.

My Best,

Peter Shumlin

Good on you, Peter. Thanks for your support and solidarity with us.

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