Monday, January 25, 2010

Case In Point

Some have become so enamored of their blatent partisanship that not only do they refer to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat" party, but Jim DeMint has apparently excised the word "democratic" (small 'd') from his lexicon entirely--listen to him in this clip.

"Democrat" process? My point is proven once again. Sorry Patrick. I'm no partisan--remember how early and often I criticized a certain now-elected candidate.

Idiots are idiots, regardless of their political agenda.


Pat said...

Jamie, if you haven't already seen my follow up comment in the previous post, please do so. I clarified (or tried to, at least) my previous comment in that post.

Yes, insisting on saying "Democrat Party" is utterly moronic. And DeMint, somehow, proved that it is possible to be even more idiotic.

Jamie said...

Just saw it actually. Apologies my friend. :)