Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Outré Outrage

Imus's remarks seem innocent to me, but is he a glutton for punishment? With all of his money, I'd have retired by now:

"Warner and I were talking about 'Pacman' Jones being arrested six times," Imus said this morning, "and obviously they are picking on him. So I asked Warner what color he was. Obviously, I already knew what color he was... And I said there you go, that's the point. What people should be outraged about is they arrest blacks for no reason. There was no reason to arrest this kid six times."

The guy can't get a break for trying. Imus has been repeatedly discussing race since last year's "nappy-headed-ho" incident, and the media (and Al Sharpton) have been watching him like a hawk, looking for a reason to pounce on him. Face it, Sharpton needs the publicity nowadays. He's old news. So's Imus. Watching them debate is about as exciting as watching frogs mate.

Here's some advice: Imus--retire. Sharpton--retire. Go battle it out on the golf course. We're tired of hearing from you both.

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