Friday, June 20, 2008

The Saga Continues . . .

As I gradually become accustomed to the new digs, I expect to encounter a few instances where I need to seek advice on how to tweak blogger to my liking. (That almost sounds dirty, doesn't it?)

Looking over the layout, I've already found a couple of concerns, and would like to put these questions out there for you more experienced bloggers who might care to lend a hand.

  1. Can I control what type of ads display in the Google Adsense spots? Currently it's displaying an ad for "rich gay daddies."
  2. Is there a widget for "Recent Comments," or do I have to fiddle with the code itself? Not that it's beyond me, but I'm willing to take the easy route if there is one.

Those questions aside, I have to say that the stats available by clicking on the free widget I've embedded are impressive. Well, not the stats themselves, but their breadth and availability.


Kevin said...

Rich gay daddies?! Where?! Where?! :-)

Jamie said...


I wish I could change what ads appear there.

North Dallas Thirty said...

Sigh.......I've been moved off the A-List. I feel so dirty and common.

BTW, I'm surprised you have ads at all. They're not required in the Blogger templates, and it just seems vaguely unsavory to have them. My opinion and independent streak.

QuakerJono said...

The ads don't bother me as I use Firefox and all sorts of filters and add-ons, so I never see them.

What does bother me a bit is a formatting issue right at the top of the page. The "Green Mountain Jamie" title is so close to the date line that the two frequently get rammed into one another. Plus, it's hard to differentiate the title line from the date line because of their proximity. Is that something you can change or no?

Jamie said...

NDT: not on purpose. I'll fix that.

And if I can get close to the amount of hits I was getting before then I should be able to sell some ads. Frankly I can use the cash. However I'm still trying to see if I can restrict the type of googleads that appear in the adsense. The Gay Adoption and Gay Families ones are fine, but Rich Gay Daddies is going to gain me no end of trouble with the husband.

QJ: I'm not seeing that, but I'll try. Does the Technorati running thingy work for you?

North Dallas Thirty said...

It might be a browser and screen resolution thing.

-- The title and date are extremely close in Firefox 3.0; they overlap slightly in Safari, and they look semi-normal on iPhone Safari.

-- I see the Technorati running thing on Firefox and Safari, but not on my iPhone. Along those lines, I'll check, but the site took forever to come up on my iPhone when on a Wi-Fi network; it's probably going to take even longer out on the wireless network. When thinking of making your stuff widespread and accessible, remember that there are those of us who do surf quite a bit away from our home computers. :)

And yes, I am all Apple. It's a function of the husbear primarily, but I was lucky enough to finally find a place that uses Apples as their primary business machines. :)

Wayne said...

I don't think you can control the types of ads you get.