Saturday, July 26, 2008

Patents Pending

There are days, dear reader, when the ridiculous pomposity of the world leaves me with my mouth agape and my knickers in a twist. It's quite a picture. Today, it seems, is one of those days.
Without blaring my last name and therefore last vestige of anonymity to the entire world, let me assure you that every single website possible for my given name has been taken. Most that include my middle name have also been taken: .info, .com, .net. I assume that these sites are taken by other people who actually have my name, and not by companies hellbent on profiting at my expense. Few are actually functioning webpages of merit. However, I am, apparently, by the variations on my name: a lawyer, doctor, pharmacological consultant, actor, artist, and photographer. (You may bow.)
Today I read about this young boy:

GENEVA - A Scottish schoolboy must surrender a Web address tied to the
Narnia fantasy world, which his father said was a birthday present, after a
ruling by a United Nations arbitrator, an official report said on Thursday.
The U.N.'s patent and copyright agency WIPO said the independent arbitrator had ordered transfer of the site,, to the estate of C.S.Lewis, late author of the popular "Chronicles of Narnia" books.

The article goes on to state that the father in the case was acting "in bad faith," as evidenced by his further registration of other Narnia-related sites after the case was filed. (Although I note that and aren't taken yet. Hmmm.) And he probably was acting in bad faith.

This case, however, got me to rethinking those aforementioned websites bearing my name. Perhaps I am being too naive in thinking those owners were acting in good faith. Hence the twisted knickers. Should I pursue the potential cybersquatter and claim my rightful place on the web? (No that doesn't mean I'm moving the blog again.)

As a sidenote, and are already taken. As is
(And if that last didn't make you laugh then there's something wrong with you.)


john in il said...

Anonymity is fo suckas.

North Dallas Thirty said...

"" is probably still open. :)

Jamie said...

Hrmph. There seems to be a problem with jeff's a