Friday, July 25, 2008

Straight Parents Corrupting Boy Scouts!

Well, where, oh where, are the generalizations from the Dobson-crowd regarding straight parents corrupting children and citing anecdotal evidence, such as this story from FoxNews, as "proof" of the widespread corruption of children by straight people?
HOPKINTON, R.I. — A parent has been arrested for allegedly showing teenagers pornography, then offering one of them alcohol and cigarettes at a Boy Scout camp in Hopkinton.
WPRI-TV reported Wednesday that police arrested Randolph Johnson at the Yawgoog Boy Scout Reservation on July 14.
A spokesman for the Narragansett Boy Scout Council says Johnson was camping with his son's troop. He allegedly showed two teenage staffers a pornographic film on a laptop computer. The teens reported that Johnson offered one of them alcohol and cigarettes.

Oh, that's right, such proof-free generalizations are only cast at gay people. My mistake.


North Dallas Thirty said...

The answer is in the first five words -- "A parent has been arrested" -- which means there are outraged straight people out there getting mad at this idiot for doing what he allegedly did.

Note the contrast, though; straight people get arrested for allegedly showing teens porn and offering them cigarettes, but gay people can take two-year-olds dressed as sex slaves to a real live sex fair where naked and half-naked adults are masturbating and having sex in front of them, claim it's an "educational experience", and get off scot-free.

Pat said...

NDT, I'm not sure it's a gay vs. straight thing in your Folsom St. fair example. It may be more of a SF vs. RI thing. In other words, I'm not convinced that if it was a heterosexual couple that dressed up their children as sex slaves and brought them to FSF that they would have been arrested.