Wednesday, August 6, 2008

America's Got Transgenders . . .And They've Got Talent

Last night, I was in the other room playing a videogame while Norm was watching America's Got Talent. The Opera portion was playing, and I heard what I thought to be a magnificent duet, so got my butt out of bed and went into the living room to get a better glance and give a full hearing.

I was astonished to see Shequida, a transgender, crossdressing, absolutely fabulous entertainer, singing both parts of an opera (without reviewing I can't remember what it's from at the moment). (EDIT--Video Here) . My mouth was agape, and I must admit to quite a stark feeling of jealousy at watching her. Him. Hir. Whateva.

As someone who used to have a four-octave range before I started smoking, I know damned well just how impressive a range Shequida displays. THAT, my friends, is a talent like I've never seen before.

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