Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heads Up!

Eli Stone had its season premiere last night, and, as usual, it was uplifting and tremendously well-scripted. Tuesday nights on ABC. Catch up on recent episodes here.

Kiss it, CBS! I'm still mad about Jericho!


North Dallas Thirty said...

Really, if you must fantasize about Jericho, I can send you to live with my grandparents for a week, and get your fill of a small town seemingly cut off from the outside world and full of deranged people.

John said...

I was under the impression that Jamie already lived in a small town cut off from the outside world and full of deranged people.

North Dallas Thirty said...

Yes, but this town is in the correct state. No one would make a story about people becoming insular, suspicious, and violent in Vermont; they already are.

(snark) :)

Jamie said...

Yes, NDT, that's correct. W're properly insular, unlike you native Texans, who let millions of illegal aliens through your border annually; we like to keep dickheads out of our state. As for being violent, it's only when necessary. We've never had a Waco, or shot a president.

Seems to me that it's the rest of the world that's full of deranged people. And we like to keep them out.