Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Need Some Help

I'm asking you all to pray for this fifteen year old boy who was hit by an 85-year old driver while taking a stroll on a country rd. He was reported missing on the news Thursday night, found unconscious in a ditch, and is in intensive care. My prayers go out to his family, and I'm sure they could use yours.
15 year-old Daniel Murphy walked along Bostwick Road in Shelburne Thursday night at the same time an elderly motorist was passing through.
Police say the 85 year-old Burlington man knew he hit something, but he wasn't sure what.
"He thought he had struck a deer. He got out of the car and looked and didn't see anything and so he continued on," said Chief Warden.
In the ditch, on the side of the road and out of sight, Murphy was unconscious and seriously injured.
Police say 12 hours passed before a morning driver would spot the boy.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it was not dead of winter or he would have frozen to death by the time he was found. Yes, our prayers are with him and his family.