Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reid My Lips

It seems that Senate Majority Leader Reid can tell the future. With pending lawsuits in the Coleman/Franken case that will ultimately decide the matter, the honorable senator from Nevada has proclaimed:

“Norm Coleman will never ever serve [again] in the Senate,” Reid told
Politico’s Manu Raju. “He lost the election. He can stall things, but he'll
never serve in the Senate.”

Really? Never ever? I wonder if he stomped his feet and said "Nuh-uh" afterward. How about not commenting on pending litigation, boss? Geez.


John said...

Thanks to the abomination that is Bush v Gore, the Congress can actually disregard any subsequent state supreme court decision (and accept the Secretary of State's orginal certification). The Republicans should've known that short-sighted decision was going to boomerang on them at some point.

Haik Bedrosian said...

Yeah. I think we've seen enough from Mr. Reid.

Jamie said...

Frankly, he needs to shut up and seat Blagojovich's appointment. If Burris (I hope that's the right name) has scandals of his own, then he can be dealt with at a later time. Reid is playing a dangerous game by trying to play God in the Senate. Dems won't have power forever, and Elephants have loooong memories. Setting a precedent where you can arbitrarily decide to not seat a Governor's appointment is foolhardy. He's still the valid governor, even if not for long. Letter of the law, and all that.

Kevin said...

The libs aren't big on applying the same rules to themselves. They're only for the "other" people.

Pat said...

Kevin, I agree with you. I would also add conservatives, moderates, in fact, politicians in general.

Kevin said...

True enough, Pat. But - to use a different political scandal involving Democratic Senators - I found their sudden urge to toss Gov. Blago overboard to be quite uncharacteristic of the Democrats... what with Rangel still in Congress and William Jefferson having to be voted out instead pushed to resign. The GOP is better at sweeping their rubbish out the door.

Pat said...

Maybe so, Kevin, but not much better. It took a long time for Tom DeLay to finally be pushed out the door. And Ted Stevens had to be voted out. When Larry Craig didn't resign immediately, they waited until his term ran out. And I don't think David Vitter got even a slap on the wrist, whereas Eliot Spitzer was on his way out even if he didn't resign.

Yes, you're right about Jefferson and Rangel. At the very least, Rangel should have either resigned his chair post, or he should have been pushed off.

Jamie said...

I'm glad Democrats have found the gumption to move so fast on Blago. . . assuming, of course, the charges are valid and the Dems hold fast. Perhaps that's some of that "change" we've heard so much about.

Whether we like it or not, we are at a turning point in history. Worldwide, the economy and war are a throbbing pulse, and now is not the time to stand fast by old ideologies and partisan crap. Hell, I actually agree with Pat Buchanan on something for a change!

And I can count the number of true Statesmen on one hand--there's enough pomposity, irresponsiblity and arrogance on both sides of the aisle. Time to stop rehashing the past twenty years of bullshit and try to save ourselves from a declining civilization.