Monday, January 12, 2009

So Much Material

I couldn't decide what to call this: perhaps "Jeff Stryker Still Being Big Pain In Ass," or "Still-boyish 46?" Really, I mean, which do you believe: the pictures of Jeff Stryker in suit and tie playing the responsible citizen, or this:
He says that Peyton frequently retaliates by blasting much louder dance music during performances, from speakers placed at the walls between the two storefronts, and that he has urinated on Kulak’s truck.
The club owner also alleges, more darkly, that Peyton often lurks in the alley he shares with the Woodshed, whispering threats to Kulak from the shadows and intimidating his patrons — when he is not on the front sidewalk, kicking a martial-arts mannequin a few feet from the folkies.
“He constantly reminds me he’s a firearms expert,” Kulak says, “and will hide behind his back door when I dump the trash. Once, he started making mechanical gun clicks. I could see he had a pistol in his hand as he was dry-firing it.”

Yeah, that sounds more like it. Luckily, there's humor to be found here:

And look at the incoherent website Stryker has. Even if his complaints are legitimate (and I have doubts), do people really take this man seriously? Who thinks he can actually write a whole book by himself?

h/t towleroad


Wayne said...

Wow! His site does ramble on!

Patrick said...

Dear Sir, please lay off the meth.

xoxo - Patrick