Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seeking Your Input

Hey, all. I know, it's nigh on impossible to get folks to participate in new forums without a "hook," but I like having them anyway. I'm switching the forums to proboards, and am seeking input into just what y'all would like to see there for categories, abilities, etc.

You may be asking, "Why forums?" Because I'd rather be talking with you, than at you, and I believe a forum format is more conducive to conversation. And, if you don't want to go to the trouble of having your own blog, but occasionally have something to say, or interesting articles or games to point out, then this makes it easy for you. Ideally I'd like to move away from blogging and back to a forum based site, but that takes other folks willing to join the conversation. So it's all up to you folks.

Leave your suggestions in the comments.



John in IL said...

How do comment? I signed up.

Jamie said...

Hi John. You need to activate the account by clicking the email you were automatically sent. That should do it.


Kevin said...

I was registered on the old one, do I need to rereg on this one?

Jamie said...

Yes. It's a completely different set of forums, different host, etc. Much easier to use IMHO, and I plan on being there more than here in the future.

I know. I can't sit still for one minute, can I? ;)

Quakerjono said...

I feel the best way to encourage people to post on your forums is to give everyone who posts a pony.

Of course, because of the rough economic times, you may certainly limit it to a single pony per IP address.

Jamie said...

Well, that's awfully kind of you to volunteer to give everyone a pony, QJ, but there are liablity concerns involved, so I don't think I can accept your generous offer.

I had wanted to do a joint blog/forums thing with other bloggers, but that never pans out. *cough, cough*

Jamie said...

Also, that's where I'll be most of the time, and you can send me a PM that I'll see instantly as well. I help run another proboards forum these days, and if y'all wanna conversate and ruminate, dat's where I'll be.