Monday, March 23, 2009

Catch Us On The Rebound

There's a response today to a recent BFP editorial on gay marriage that brought a tear to my eye. The response is written by the former editor of the Burlington Free Press. Here's a sample:
Once again religious conservatives are saying equality would be a mistake. They cannot influence this decision though, because they have damaged their authority through self-inflicted wounds. Our Catholic bishop, though I respect him, cannot lecture Vermonters on sexual matters while he continues to go to court denying the diocese’s complicity in sexual abuse of boys. Too many national evangelical leaders, meanwhile, have been revealed to be homosexuals themselves, or adulterers, patrons of prostitutes, or in one celebrated case, a crystal meth addict.
While churches earned these lurid headlines, thousands of Vermonters quietly demonstrated their love and commitment by entering into civil unions. They lived in our neighborhoods, worked beside us in our jobs, and raised their children just like us. And none of the consequences opponents had feared – not one – came to pass. . .

If I may share the perspective of a person who spent a decade knowing his compromising was wrong, I would offer the governor just three words: Stand for something.

Please, go read the whole thing, and spread it around.