Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letter To My Legislators

Here is the text of the letter I just sent to my legislators (My last name is obviously redacted here):

Good afternoon.

I realize that some of you have voted against the same-sex marriage bill currently underway in the Vermont State House. As a lifelong resident of Vermont--born here, no flatlander--and as someone who moved to Franklin County from Chittenden county a few years ago, I have always expressed myself politically at the polls, never before contacting my legislators. I tend to vote a split ticket, voting for fiscally conservative yet socially moderate candidates and incumbents. However this bill is extremely important to me and my family. Since I have to work two jobs to pay the bills, I didn't have time to visit the statehouse for the hearings on this subject. So let me tell you my feelings as succinctly as possible.

I ask you to PASS this bill. The Governor has stated he intends to veto it, and I ask you to OVERRIDE his veto. Now, I could go through all of the scholarly arguments about marriage and the constitution, and try to assuage your religious objections, but I don't need to. I grew up in a very religious home and am still close to God. I also have had the same partner--the only person I've ever been in love with and dedicated to--for fifteen years. Since I was 20 years old, we have been a loving, monogamous couple who've worked alongside our fellow Vermonters, trying to demonstrate that we are just people in love, that's it. We have seen so many of our heterosexual friends get married and divorced (sometimes twice) in the years we've been together--yet for some reason there is doubt as to whether what we have qualifies as "love" in your eyes, or the eys of society. Let me put it to you straight: I am as worthy as anyone else to call the man I love my Husband, and I intend to decide my future votes on this singular issue until same sex marriage is passed in Vermont.

For those of you who think passing this bill would somehow effect your own marriage, I think that says more about the inherent strength of your marriage, and the reasons you're in it, than anything about me or my love. We don't dress in women's clothing. We don't parade halfway naked down the street. We are your neighbors, vibrant and vital to your community.

I designed the new website last year for the Highgate library because I wanted to contribute more to my community. Norm gives horseback lessons to disabled children. We are involved with our Nieces and Nephews in their 4H groups and I have personally met each and every one of you, yet you never had a clue that I am gay. I am asking you to please, please rethink the attitudes you may have towards us.

Quite simply, my future, and my future vote, depends upon it.


James X
Highgate, VT