Friday, July 18, 2008

Knuckle-Dragging Comments

(I first noticed this article on GoodAsYou.)

As if it weren't bad enough that a young man was assaulted by his father with a baseball bat for being gay, now we can see the truly enlightened atmosphere that the young man lived with by examining comments left by a local yokel:

Gun. Us. Down. And people think I'm using hyperbole when I talk about this stuff.

Of course, we are talking about South Carolina here. Where they had a fit over an advertising campaign.

Drama Queens.


Kevin said...

I do feel the need to point out that the other commentors overwhelmingly condemn the father. And the paper also removed the comment you reference as inappropriate. I think that says way more about South Carolina (or the South in general) than one comment by a nut job.

Jamie said...

I wish I could believe you, Kev, but it's not just one comment.

Look here.

John said...

You know, South Carolina has one of the highest rates of divorce, poverty, and domestic violence in the nation. Yet, these are the same people who purport to tell the rest of us what constitutes a "healthy" and "normal" family. There's definitely a mental disconnect here. Why exactly are we putting the folks with the most dysfunctional families in charge of family values? As a public policy, that simply doesn't make any sense.

Kevin said...

I'm sorry... did I say it was just one comment? I said the commentors overwhelmingly (meaning most of them) condemn the father. Believe me, I've lived up north, out west, and down south... no place has a monopoly on bigotry, and no place is as bad as one idiot can make it seem.

Jamie said...

You're misreading me, Kev. I meant that it's not just the one adverse comment, but an attitude I'm reading in a few different SC sources. Like the one I pointed out.

And I never meant to imply that any one region had a monopoly on idiocy. I do, however, point out the instances as I see them arise.

QuakerJono said...

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ on the True Cross, when will someone drag the anecdotal, a posteriori argument out into the middle of the street and shoot it in the head like it deserves?

Kevin, Jamie, you're both smarter than it is.

Tommy said...

When will someone take the phrase "Jesus tap dancing Christ on the true cross" out and shoot it in the head like it deserves? (but ditto on the rest)

Jamie said...

Wasn't really an argument, more like an opinion.

You know--blog, and all?