Wednesday, July 9, 2008


  • I think I'll be getting this from the library: American Nerd: The Story of My People by Benjamin Nugent. Based on this review, I think it will be interesting. What that says about me, personally . . .
  • Speaking of books, I just received a bunch of paperwork intended to help me set up 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status for the Friends of the Library group we're starting at the local library. Cool stuff. If you want to start your own Friends of the Library group in your area, start here. If you have questions, feel free to send them to me at:
  • The guys at Queerty had better watch their tongues lest someone find them not only trite, but sexist as well, with lines like this one:
    The poll also shows that the ladies aren’t taking proper physical precautions,
    like getting tested for cervical cancer and the such. You would think lesbians
    would like that sort of thing…
    Oh, you would, would you? Dumbasses.
  • Naked Man Highjacks Bus--Most likely he was on drugs, they say. Ya think? No one on the bus thought to kick him in the balls before he got to the driver's seat? Ah, America: the land of "let's drive slowly by the car wreck, but not help out at all."
  • Quote of the day: Well, it seems that Barack Obama can and will do whatever he pleases -- particularly if it paves the way to victory. My question: has the fat lady really sung yet? Is there no flash left in this pan?
  • Is there a deal for domestic drilling in the works? Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, has made a refrain in recent weeks of saying, “We cannot drill our way out of this problem.” But he opened his news conference on Tuesday with a different approach: “Let’s begin the discussion here by saying, Democrats support domestic production.” (Note: I enthusiastically support coastal offshore drilling, but not drilling in ANWAR.)
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  • Via GoodAsYou, check out the 49 pages of "reasons" why some state employees are refusing to perform same-sex marriages in California. Evidently these folks have never heard the expression, "your rights end where my nose begins" . . .


john in il said...

Why the reticence for drilling in ANWR?

(and thanks for adding the "Name/URL" option in the comments)

Jamie said...

I didn't add it, but you're welcome. :)

And the amount of oil located in ANWR is totally negligible compared with the amount estimated to be offshore near Florida, Louisiana, etc. We would get a far bigger benefit if we stayed in the more tropical climes, and there's a far smaller chance of endangering any wildlife. I have a real aversion to spoiling our natural parks, and southern coastal drilling doesn't endanger anything except maybe some goddamned alligators we could do without anyway. Plus it'd be closer to the Texas refineries, so there's less fuel lost to shipping.

Plus, on a purely selfish note, I like the cold and may move to Alaska someday, and don't want rigs spoiling my view. lol

John said...

Schwarzenegger's going to fight this proposal. Through Pelosi first if possible. And if that fails, he has said he'll sue the Bush Administration. And all I have to say is... Go Arnold!

There's little doubt that the oil drills are partially responsible for the unpopularity of Long Beach in California.

They pretty much ruin the view (even with the lame camoufage of palm trees). And folks seem to have an aversion to the water whenever they see an unsightly oil platform. I don't know if the water is actually dirty or not. But nobody was getting anywhere near it when I was last there.